Bridal Hair Extensions

posted on: Friday, May 3, 2013

Great Lengths, the most exquisite in hair extensions, are available to you through Extensia by April. Create a look that will make a big impact for your big day.



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Valentines Day Great Lengths

posted on: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

love is in the hair2

It's time for you to love your look, and we would love to help you do so, one strand at a time!  Extensia's certfiied, experienced, stylist proudly uses Great Lengths Hair Extensions, which are of the worlds very finest in quality.  We would love to help you transform your lack lustre strands into luxurious locks today!  You will be guaranteed to fall in love with your new look, and so will everyone else!  So please don't keep secrects, share the love!  Start earning sweet rewards today with our referral program, and have a LOVELY day~

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Christmas 2012

posted on: Thursday, December 6, 2012

The holidays are now officially upon us and with them come a dizzying array of demands - parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, to name just a few. But with some practical tips, you can minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays. You may even end up enjoying the holidays more than you thought you would.


Be realistic. The holidays don't have to be perfect.   As families change and grow, traditions and rituals often change as well. Choose a few to hold on to, and be open to creating new ones. For example, if your adult children can't come to your house, find new ways to celebrate together, such as sharing pictures, email or videos.

Set aside differences. Try to accept family members and friends as they are, even if they don't live up to all of your expectations. Set aside grievances until a more appropriate time for discussion. And be understanding if others get upset or distressed when something goes awry. Chances are they're feeling the effects of holiday stress and depression, too.

Don't let it come to this...
Stick to a budget. Before you go gift and food shopping, decide how much money you can afford to spend. Then stick to your budget. Don't try to buy happiness with an avalanche of gifts. Try these alternatives: Donate to a charity in someone's name, give homemade gifts or start a family gift exchange.

Plan ahead. Set aside specific days for shopping, baking, visiting friends and other activities. Plan your menus and then make your shopping list. That'll help prevent last-minute scrambling to buy forgotten ingredients. And make sure to line up help for party prep and cleanup.

Learn to say no. Saying yes when you should say no can leave you feeling resentful and overwhelmed. Friends and colleagues will understand if you can't participate in every project or activity. If it's not possible to say no when your boss asks you to work overtime, try to remove something else from your agenda to make up for the lost time.

Don't abandon healthy habits. Don't let the holidays become a free-for-all. Overindulgence only adds to your stress and guilt. Have a healthy snack before holiday parties so that you don't go overboard on sweets, cheese or drinks. Continue to get plenty of sleep and physical activity.

Take a breather. Make some time for yourself. Spending just 15 minutes alone, without distractions, may refresh you enough to handle everything you need to do. Take a walk at night and stargaze. Listen to soothing music. Find something that reduces stress by clearing your mind, slowing your breathing and restoring inner calm.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Excerpts taken from :

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Goldwell Dualsenses Green

posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Goldwell Dualsenses

posted on: Thursday, November 29, 2012


Extensia is now offering Goldwell Dualsenses Green!
This product line is up to 98% naturally derived, and sulfate free!
Dualsenses Green is available in 3 different segments:  
True Color:  Instantly visible color brilliance and healthy, cared-for feeling for color-treated hair via argan oil, sea buckthorn, and a high concentration of antioxidants.  With True Color you can expect up to 90% color retention after 30 washes!  This is a must have for those of us who color.
Pure Repair:  Provides stressed or damaged hair with visibly silky shine and healthy smooth feel via shea milk, noni extract, and antioxidants.
Real Moisture:  Provides healthy shine with a lightweight feel to normal/dry hair via aloe vera, white tea, and antioxidants.

Is Dualsenses Green new to you?  Extensia wants you to experience the high performance and natural luxury of this line, without a high cost!  Receive True Color @ 10% off with your next hair color service!  Just mention this ad!

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Out of Studio Project

posted on: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've recently had another opportunity to work with Mr. Dorsch and Element Creative in the making of this years set of highly amusing advertisements!  Mr. Dorsch doesn't typically wear facial hair, so I had a lot of fun helping him transform into this character.  Ofcourse it is his talent as an actor that brings the character to life and the creative minds at Element that take these advertisements from what could be a nuisance to something quite entertaining!  Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of the magic Element!






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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

posted on: Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Many of our lives have been affected by someone who has had cancer.  And with this month being breast cancer awareness month, I'd like to feature a few friends who have so generously donated their hair to help those who have lost theirs in the battle against cancer.


Hyon states that the hope she see's in the people she meets with cancer, gives her hope in difficult times.  She has been inspired by this hope, and has so graciously donated 4, 11" ponytails from her hair.  This donation will be sent in and used to make a wig to provide hair to someone who has lost theirs.


After the cut is complete, Hyon bows and with "namaste" we part ways.

Thanks Hyon for your generous donation, and the privelege to partner with you in this act of love.

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Lash cloud

posted on: Monday, October 8, 2012


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Eyelash Extensions

posted on: Monday, October 8, 2012

Lets talk about eye lashes!  Much like hair extensions, when eyelash extensions are applied, they become a part of who you are at your best.  So set aside your 3 coats of mascara, glue-on strip eyelashes, eyelash tint, and heated eyelash curler!  They never gave you the look you desired anyway!  Instead, achieve length, color, and curl with Novalash eyelash extensions, they are the most practical, believable, and beautiful means in which to enhance your eyelashes. Extensia offers 25% off of your initial set of Novalash Eyelash extensions!


Eyelashes (1)

posted on: Sunday, September 30, 2012

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